The PM’s Trail: Narendra Modi consoles #WomenInBlue

Dhaval Khant
Dhaval Khant
Jul 24, 2017
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The PM’s Trail: Narendra Modi consoles #WomenInBlue

All of India was certainly awake last night watching the gut-wrenching finale of the #IndVsEng final, which the Women in Blue lost by only nine runs.

So was prime minister Narendra Modi, it seems, having just returned from outgoing President Pranab Mukherjee’s farewell in Parliament. Now we don’t know if the PM immediately switched on his TV, to watch the desolation unfold at Lord’s. But he had the sensitivity to condole with the inconsolate.

Our women cricketers gave their best today. They have shown remarkable tenacity & skill through the World Cup. Proud of the team! @BCCIWomen.

The tweet got 45,000 “likes” and 14,000 retweets, reconfirming the scale of the PM’s outreach online – despite the ridiculous @BCCIWomen hashtag for the women’s team. (As if the cricket body owns them and their body parts.)

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi @OfficeofRG was also on the ball and reacted to the loss, a tweet that was duly retweeted by @divyaspandana, the newest recruit to RG’s social media team.

But @OfficeofRG can still hardly match the ambition of @narendramodi’s social media team. Nor can Sports minister @VijayGoelBJP who, the morning after the loss, seemed far more focussed on putting out pictures of himself of the day before in white pajama-kurta and saffron jacket (can someone tell him that runners wear tracksuits?) as he slowly jogged a Slum Yuva Daud.

Before the match, the prime minister personally tweeted best wishes to each member of the Eleven that was going to play, picking out the best quality for each of the girls and tagging everyone with a Twitter account.

Each tweet was “liked” and retweeted several thousand times, by several male star cricketers, including Sachin Tendulkar. The snowballing effect created several trends on Twitter, with each of the girls personally named.

Women in sports has never seen anything like this before.

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