‘Plastic Rice’ Fear Grips Some States In India

Jackey Motwani
Jackey Motwani
Jun 9, 2017
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‘Plastic Rice’ Fear Grips Some States In India

A customer allegedly found some plastic rice at a food stall in Saroornagar, Hyderabad and another found some in Meerpet. This prompted task force officials to raid the shop at Meerpet to seize samples for examination. Rumours have gone viral on social media that the plastic rice was being sold on a large-scale at various shops in Andhra Pradesh, creating panic in the country.

A resident of Nandanavanam colony, Mr Ashok complained that he and his family have been suffering from various ailments like abdominal pains, pains in hands and legs for several days. Meerpet Police disclosed that Ashok returned from work on Monday night and found out that the rice his wife prepared was mashed and unedible.


Messages about the plastic rice continued to flow through videos, posts on social networking sites like Facebook and Whatsapp, triggering panic in Andhra Pradesh too.

Reports are yet to be verified but state officials are leaving no stone unturned. The Weights and Measures (W&M) department has formed a special enforcement team to keep a tab on the rice adulteration issue.

ANI, a news agency reported that food stores in Haldwani district, Uttarakhand are overtly selling the plastic rice in the market.

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