Could This Player Be The Reason Behind The Disagreement Between Kohli & Kumble?

Jackey Motwani
Jackey Motwani
Jun 1, 2017
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Could This Player Be The Reason Behind The Disagreement Between Kohli & Kumble?

The Board of Control for Cricket in Indian (BCCI) has sent out an invitation recently for interested aspirants to apply for the Indian Cricket Team coach post, the news had left many people confused about why Kumble has not been offered contract extension and is his contract being terminated. We guess Kumble frequent demands on the hike in the pay scale of the players’ maybe one of the reasons of his termination. Also there are rumours that the team players are not happy with the overpowering attitude of the coach, and the players have forwarded their complains to the BCCI.

Well recently, a new issue has evolved after the BCCI gave their statement of the issue which hit the Internet immediately. After the news was carried by many news outlet, most of the media sites claimed that issues between captain Kohli and Kumble are the primary reason for Anil termination.

According to reports, the issue started during the Test – Series between India and Australia, which happened around March. Anil insisted on including Kuldeep to be a part of the 3rd match in Ranchi, while skipper Virat strictly opposed it and Kuldeep had to sit for the match and things got worse during the 4th Test at Dharamsala as Kohli was sitting that day due to an injury sustained and Ajinkya was put in charge for that day. Then Kumble took the privilege and included Kuldeep in the game without the consent of Kohli.

However, According to a media house, BCCI was quoted saying, “This may or may not be the reason for the termination decision. But we believe the people in the corridors of power have been told that Kumble is overbearing and doesn’t give freedom to the batsmen.”

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