The common place sight: A tireless truck running on train tracks

Jackey Motwani
Jackey Motwani
May 29, 2017
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The commonplace sight: A tireless truck running on train tracks

A video of a truck has been going viral on the social media and has attracted over 1.8million views already with many people commenting their views on what some termed a ‘commonplace sight’. The video was uploaded on May 25 on Facebook showing a supply truck that was fitted with wagon wheels been driven on train tracks.

The unusual sight happens to be an ordinary thing as some people claimed that some Railways use a similar truck to deliver construction supplies to work in progress.

Natarajan Krishnamoorthy added that he had once seen a TATA lorry with no tires in 1961 along Ambattur railway yard, very close to Chennai.

It was also reported by Chekuri Vidyadhar that Konkan railway had been using this method to supply materials to construction sites along the track because the Konkan rail route bypasses through a rigid terrain in Western Ghats and the road is not suitable to supply construction materials, hence the use of the track.

Pragyat Srivastava further added that it is not always practical to transport large locomotive to remote areas where only rail tracks are the alternative route. The best route is to use train track in carrying such supplies.

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