Video On India Army's Assault On Pakistan Bunkers Shows Up.

Dhaval Khant
Dhaval Khant
May 25, 2017
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Indian Army demolishes Pakistani posts in 'punitive fire assaults'; releases video of military action

On Tuesday, the Indian army released a 22-second video which has since gone viral, it shows Pakistani bunkers being destroyed in an assault. The event happened on May 9 of this year. The clip showed concrete building being brought down in the midst plumes of smoke and balls of fire. It also showed some structures in a forest surrounded area crumbling in a heap under the impact of repeated assault.

Military equipment like Rocket launchers, anti-tank guided missiles and automatic grenade launchers and recoilless guns were allegedly used in the planned assault.

Furthermore, another 100 second video of another strike is going viral on the Internet which shows anti-tank guided missiles being fired from Indian border posts against the Pakistani post on the other side of the border.

According to report, the 100-second video assault was shot in April and it happened before the attack on two Indian Jawans who were beheaded on by Pakistan May 1 this year.

The Pakistan's Border Action Team (BAT), which includes the Special Forces, killed two Indian army and disfigured their bodies under the disguise of area saturation by Pakistani troops in Krishna Ghati area in Poonch earlier this month.

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