Actress Katrina Kaif Showcase Her Cooking Skill In A Video.

Jackey Motwani
Jackey Motwani
May 19, 2017
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Actress Katrina Kaif Showcase Her Cooking Skill In A Video. 2017 ...

How nice is it seeing one of the hottest Bollywood star showcasing her cooking skill. Actress Katrina Kaif claims she doesn’t know how to cook at all, but is actually very good at it as she perfectly breaks each egg, mixing the batter and ending up with some delicious coconut pancakes which prove she does has a master chef skill and one would definitely want to eat one of her delicacies right away.

Katrina who happens to be the celebrity guest on “The Mini Truck” show, a web series hosted by Mini Mathur and she’s already taken the first episode of the show by storm. Mini and Katrina who are close friends are having super fun while making some appetising hot coconut pancakes for us and a yummy avocado smoothie which is one of Katrina’s favourite smoothies was also made by her which she shares the recipe with all her fans.

The show first episode starts with Katrina narrating the story on how she goes to Mini’s house every time to enjoy best delicacies Mini makes for her within 30 minutes, keeping in mind Katrina’s daily dietary requirements.

Mini and Katrina are joined by Mini’s little gorgeous daughter Sairah who loves the pancakes made.

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