When Sunil Chhetri Mocked Indian Skipper Kohli For Being Vegan & Ordering Idli

Amit Parmar
Amit Parmar
Feb 1, 2019
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When Sunil Chhetri Mocked Indian Skipper Kohli For Being Vegan & Ordering Idli

Sunil Chhetri, the captain of Indian football team, is a good friend of Indian cricket team skipper Virat Kohli and the former has also decided to go vegan just like his friend. The reason is that it will help him in improving physically and will also aid in quick recovery from injuries.

Sunil is already 33, which means that he needs to be extra-cautious towards his fitness and diet. He regularly talks about fitness, diet and other aspects of sportsmanship with Virat and while giving an interview to TOI, he revealed that he has also turned vegan like Kohli.

As per him, he and Virat are in touch with each other and mostly they have discussions on football and diet. While talking about going vegan, he also makes it clear that he has not done it due to the love for animals as saying this after eating 2,000 lambs will be inappropriate; however, it does help in recovery.

When he was asked whether he was convinced by his cricketing counterpart for going vegan, he said that he did have a chat with him regarding this. 

He also recollected an incident from past in which he made a little fun of the cricketer when he ordered idli for the snack. This happened when they both were a part of the program at Star Sports and at that time, Sunil was not aware of Virat’s plan of going vegan. He further said that Virat’s wife Anushka is also vegan.

Sunil praised the Indian skipper for the determination and devotion that he has shown towards the game. According to him, Virat is an unbelievable sportsperson who thinks and trains like a footballer. He further added that whatever Virat is doing is amazing and he is very different from others in the manner he trains and eats. He went on to say that Kohli talks about sprints, body fat and other things which are of a great importance to a footballer. He concluded his statement by saying that Virat is great because he puts a lot of his time and energy for making himself a better player and Sunil has also learnt it from the cricketer.

Sunil Chhetri is now focusing on the Indian Super League in which he will be captaining Bengaluru FC.

These two are definitely sources of immense inspiration for the youngsters! Agree?


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