From Priya Varrier To Dancing Uncle, These 6 Viral Internet Sensations Ruled The Year

Amit Parmar
Amit Parmar
Dec 22, 2018
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From Priya Varrier To Dancing Uncle, These 6 Viral Internet Sensations Ruled The Year

The thing about social media is that people are constantly on the lookout for something unique. If not unique, at least something that is hilarious, even if it is at the cost of someone.

You upload something like that online, and who knows, you may go viral too. This year, we’ve had several ordinary men and women go viral, and win over Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Here’s a list of 5 of them:

1. Chai Pee Lo Aunty (Somwati Mahawar)

This woman went viral overnight, after she posted a video using Vigo video, where she is seen saying “Hello Friends, Chai Pee Lo.” Something about the video caught on, and within a few days Somwati became an internet sensation.

2. Dancing Uncle (Sanjeev Srivastava)

When a video of a man dancing effortlessly at a wedding went viral, everyone wanted to know who he was. Srivastava had been a passionate dancer ever since he was young, although he never received training for it. His moves are to die for, don’t you think?

3. Deepak Kalal

Deepak Kalal became famous for his extravagant clothing, his weird yet funny videos and his sing song voice in all of them. He quickly became an internet sensation and is now supposedly getting married to Rakhi Sawant.

4. Winking Girl (Priya Varrier) 

This has to be the biggest internet sensation of 2018. A video emerged of a Malayali song, where Priya Varrier was seen winking at a classmate. And we kid you not, that wink became the highlight of the year.

5. Hammad Safi

This 11 year old from Pakistan is not only a professor but also a motivational speaker. Since stories about him became viral, Safi has been quite a popular internet personality.

6. Sandy Saha

This boy from Kolkata is known for his sass and his sarcastic comments. A YouTuber, he became viral overnight when he began uploading funny and outrageous videos on social media.

All it takes is one picture or one video for you to go viral. You could give it a try too!

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