SRK Will Leave No Money But Only A House For His Kids & The Reason Will Make You Respect Him

Dhaval Khant
Dhaval Khant
Jul 22, 2017
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SRK Will Leave No Money But Only A House For His Kids & The Reason Will Make You Respect Him

Shah Rukh Khan is very busy nowadays promoting his upcoming movie “Jab Harry Met Sejal” which is going to release on 4th August this year and stars Anushka Sharma in the female lead.

SRK may be the second richest actor in the world but he has no plan to leave a huge legacy for his kids other than “amazing basic education” and a house.

He is undeniably very protective when it comes to family and kids and this is what he said during an interview with CNN-News18,

“We are very lower-middle class people. Our wants and desire are not so many. Gauri and I believe in the theory that if you have money, spend it on having a good life.”

He asserts that he does have that much which is required for keeping his family safe but he doesn’t have more than that. In his words,

“I’ve never saved any money. What I earn, it all goes into filmmaking and immediate expenditures.”

But SRK wants to leave a house for his children as he says,

“Because I never had a house before coming to Mumbai I wish to leave a house for them and of course provide them with amazing basic education.”

Shah Rukh Khan also says that his kids don’t have anything starry other than their looks. According to him,

“They live a basic life (rich, but basic) on their own will. We provide them with every requirement but we don’t have money saved for a rainy day for them to live-off.”

Sometime back, Bill Gates also stated something similar and wanted his kids to earn themselves to become rich. He also said that he would donate all his money in charity, leaving a little amount for his kids so that they don’t become poor.

Quite a good thought by these celebrities! What do you say?

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