BCCI new pay structure is set to affect MS Dhoni fees

Jackey Motwani
Jackey Motwani
May 24, 2017
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Virat Kohli and Anil Kumble make their salary Structure to BCCI, might hurt MS Dhoni

The Indian Cricketers are most times faced with criticism due to the high fee they are paid for their services.

The cricketer’s contracts see some of the players earn a whooping some of Rs 10 crores on a yearly basis. Looking at the skills and qualities these players possess, does the fee they are being paid really justifies this? Another bone of contention here is, should players like Hardik Pandya who just recently made it into the three-tier formats earn like Virat or should the pay be based on seniority level or roles within the team?

Normally, seniority level was used in determining players pay but now, the team captain Virat and Anil had proposed to the Board of Control for Crickets that the all three formats should be used in determining the pay structure of all players. The BCCI has always adopted the role and grading system in determining a players pay, there is no particular pay structure.

This is how grade system plays a role:

 BCCI grade system

According to Kohli and Kumble, they believed that a player should be paid based on a level playing field and that aside from grading the players on the role and seniority basis, players should also be graded on the basis of the kinds of crickets they play. The highest pay should go to the test cricket players and OD1 and T20 should follow next. . Although, this seems alright but some players pay will be cut down drastically and many popular players will be affected if this is agreed to especially MS Dhoni. The player could be affected even though he is a grade A player but the fact still remains that he is no longer involved in test crickets and this could affect his grade and it cannot be predicted if the BCCI will make some exceptions or not.

M. S. Dhoni who can get affected due to this demand:

M S Dhoni Payment Grade affected

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