Sunil Gavaskar Calls Selection Committee “Lame Ducks” & You May Agree With Him After Knowing Reason

Amit Parmar
Amit Parmar
Jul 29, 2019
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Sunil Gavaskar Calls Selection Committee “Lame Ducks” & You May Agree With Him After Knowing Reason

The Indian team is busy preparing for the West Indies tour but there is one former Indian cricketer who has openly lambasted the selection committee and called the committee members lame ducks.

Nobody can afford to take this former cricketer lightly as he is none other than the legendary batsman Sunil Gavaskar and we feel that you will also agree with him after knowing what he has said.

The Little Master got quite ruthless as he called the selection committee headed by MSK Prasad lame ducks and slammed the members for bypassing the procedure of selecting the captain of the team.

In a column that he wrote for a news daily, he mentioned that before selecting the team for the West Indies tour, a meeting has to be called for selecting the captain but it didn’t happen. After the reappointment, the captain should have been invited for discussing the players for the tour. 


Sunil Gavaskar also said that Virat was appointed the captain till the World Cup only and his reappointment for the West Indies tour gives an impression that other players such as Kedhar Jadhav, Dinesh Karthik, etc. can be dropped for not performing well but the skipper continues despite the fact that the team did not even reach the finals.

He goes on to say that it is the last selection done by this committee and hopefully the next committee will have a stature and they won’t get bullied and rather will have the guts to tell the team management that they have to play with the players whom they select.

Sunil Gavaskar is the first batsman in the test cricket to reach the mark of 10,000 runs. What’s more, he is one of the greatest batsmen of the world cricket that we have ever seen.

Do you also agree with Sunil Gavaskar? Let us know your views in this connection.


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