Bharat Army Chants In Support Of Rishabh Pant In Sydney,This Is What They Sang

Amit Parmar
Amit Parmar
Jan 4, 2019
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Bharat Army Chants In Support Of Rishabh Pant In Sydney,This Is What They Sang

This ongoing Test Series in Australia,witnessed controversies as well as glorious performances from India.People are appreciating the Indian Cricket team for creating history after so many years.

During the final test match,which also happens to be the last one,everyone is there to witness the storm created by none other than Rishabh Pant.He is busy knocking down the home team with his superb batting.

Though,initially he started off quite well but failed to keep up the performance.Under a demanding circumstance,Pant blew off his wicket,while he definitely shouldn’t have.

Now,gradually things are moving in Pant’s favor,in other words,India’s.Though it’s an all win for India now only,as a draw will also make them a clear winner.India will win this Test series for sure.

The first two consecutive days were all in Cheteshwar Pujara’s name,who before getting dismissed made a great eighty nine along with Pant.He missed his Test double this time by seven runs only.

After Pujara,it was all about Pant.With just one hundred and thirty seven balls he scored a triple digit run.By this huge hit he became the very first Indian Wicket keeper Batsman to score a century in a Australian Test Series. 

Pant successfully gave nine fours without any sixes though.Established in 1999,the famous Indian Cricket Supporters Group,called The Bharat Army was there in the Sydney Cricket Ground,to help India in their path of attaining the glorious victory.

They were there with some brilliant Punjabi Dhols,singing along with it a self composed victory song for Pant.Check this video out.

India is there in the ground to nail their historic victory over the Aussies.


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