Virat Kohli Stood On Block To Match Height With Female Tennis Player. Gets Trolled By Twitterati

Amit Parmar
Amit Parmar
Oct 10, 2018
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Virat Kohli Stood On Block To Match Height With Female Tennis Player. Gets Trolled By Twitterati

Virat Kohli is one of the fittest Indian sportspersons and a pride of the country. The Indian cricketer always tries to give his best when it comes to playing the game and that’s why so many people love him.

However, often Virat becomes subject to trolling due to little things that are made big by the people on the social media. Recently, Kohli attended an event along with some of the finest athletes of the country.

Virat endorses a famous watch brand Tissot and he was presenting a special edition to the athletes like Satnam Singh, Karman Kaur Thandi, Aadil Bedi and others. Now Virat doesn’t boast of a great height and while posing with the Indian Tennis star Karman he tried to match her height.

He did it in a fun way and the purpose was to give good shots to media. However, netizens didn’t love the act and trolled him badly on Twiter. Have a look at some of the reactions-


Karman kaur thandi is supported by viral kohli foundation. Neither she nor virat would have felt anything odd about this photo shoot set up . But the day either of them realises it there’s only person who has to apologise .

— RT (@bimal2378) October 8, 2018


You got a great height and that was LOL moment for Virat to stand on platform for photo 不不不不不

— CleviiC (@cleviic) October 7, 2018


'Mardanagi' duniya ka sabse kamzor jazba.

— ….. (@amISingularity) October 7, 2018


5.9" Virat Kohli with 20 Year old 5.11" – 20 Year old Tennis Player Karman Kaur Thandi

— Abhijeet (@TheYorkerBall) October 5, 2018


pic 1. Main yaha khada hota hu

pic 2. tum vaha khade ho…

— Abhishek Jain (@abhishekjain118) October 8, 2018


Did not expect @imVkohli to do this ffs

— Spandana (@spandana2802) October 8, 2018


You can be anything but the woman can’t be taller than the man.

Such fragile ego.

Such vanity

— Sanobar (@SanobarFatma) October 7, 2018


Virat Kohli, 29, established cricket star, height 175 cms

Karman Kaur Thandi, 20, Rising Tennis star, height 183 cms

So how is this picture (advert for Tissot) possible?

Ans. he is standing on a block!

— JayEnAar (@GorwayGlobal) October 8, 2018

Do you think Virat deserved to be trolled for this?

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